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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Short Survival Tips #3 Reduced Support

Save yourself money.

  • Instead of buying expensive tops which give added support, and can cost a fortune, buy cheaper vest tops which are a couple of sizes small. They will hold all the curvy bits in without reducing the size of your bank account!

  • Do not wash and condition your hair twice as it says on some shampoo bottles. You will only wash all the natural oils out of it and make it limp and lifeless! Save money and get twice the use out of your shampoo.

  • If you come home with a cracked egg in your shopping, and don't like the thought of using it in your cooking, rustle up a quick egg conditioner for your hair. Either quickly whisk it up and use as it is, or add a tiny amount of oil or honey to make your hair even shinier. Use it in the bath or shower, massage it on to your hair and leave for as long as you like. Wash out with your normal shampoo for lustrous, shiny locks.

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