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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

4 Reasons Why I am Suspicious of Tea Bags

I am very suspicious of tea bags.

1. Why does the tea brew straight away? With normal tea it takes at least a minute to make a weak tea. Why does the water immediately change colour when you use a tea bag?

2. Why can I re-use the same tea bag at least 4 times? Just how much tea is in one of those paper tea bags? Am I really wasting tea everytime I use a tea bag?

3. Why does using a tea bag stain everything so much? When making tea with loose tea leaves, nothing gets stained, but use a tea bag and the spoon, the pot, the cup, all end up stained brown. Do they fill each tea bag up with shoe polish or something?

4. Why is tea bag tea a different colour from loose leaf tea? Hmm? Why is it a different colour? Isn't it tea?

These are my four reasons why I am suspicious of tea bags.

They should be called tea bads.

Thank you.


  1. Its a matter of personal choice, how one prefers to brew his tea, using a tea bag or otherwise.

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  2. Yes Benjamin, You are right. It was only meant to be a very lighthearted article since I have recently started drinking decaffeinated tea which is made using tea bags. I noticed all these things about them.


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