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Monday, 11 June 2012


My regular readers will have noticed a trend for this blog to veer towards writing. For the past six months I have been writing and publishing a couple or three books via Amazon. It is unbelievable how easy it is. This is also a huge problem because the temptation to get the book published is strong and the many hours which are needed to sit and edit and proof read are very boring, once the book has been written. But, in doing this, a whole new world has opened up, new blogs, new people to follow on Twitter etc., etc., Also, it becomes very quickly apparent that there are two diametrically opposed camps. Those who love indie publishers (a cooler thing to say than self publishers, or vanity as it used to be called), and those who hate them. I mean *hate* them. A lot. I would like to blog about how to survive as an indie publisher for a whole and report back about how I get on and what my findings are.


  1. With the advent of internet, publishing has become quite easy. No need to proof read reams of hand written sheets. You can utilize a number of tools to check the grammar and spellings.

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  2. You are right Benjamin, thanks for dropping by :)
    It has become very easy, but the proofreading still takes a heck of a long time :)


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