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Thursday, 17 May 2012

How to Survive a Gas Blast!

This amazing picture shows what happened when a gas blast caused the complete destruction of a house. The amazing blast blew out all the windows of all the houses in the street and could be heard half a mile away.

How to Survive a Gas Blast, Amazing Survivors!Incredibly no-one was hurt!

Passers-by escaped with their lives after walking just inches from the house only minutes before.

One young girl was thrown up in the air and landed on top of the debris.

And the elderly lady resident of the property was saved by a wardrobe, which fell on her and protected her from the house falling down around her!

81 year old Betty Hodgkiss lay buried under the wardrobe for an agonizing two hours while firemen struggled their way through to rescue her.

An amazing survivor!

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  1. Its really awesome, how an 81 year old could survive such a devastation. Really admire her will power.

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