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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

5 Silly Things Which Prevent You Winning at Spreadbetting

5. Going for round numbers

You are making £99! Just one more point and it will be a round £100. Come on, just move one point! Come on! Go on! You sit and watch it. You don't breathe, you don't move, you don't blink. It moves!

You are making £98, just two more points! You wait! It's gone. You just had to go to the loo and it ate up all your gains in the 3 minutes, 28 seconds that you were not watching it.

4. Trying to get ALL the points

Yes, it would be wonderful to catch every single point in a move, but it is pointless to try and spot the exact peaks and troughs and changes of direction. Yes, I know you did it the last five times, but it will not always work and more often than not it will catch you out. Sometimes it helps to look at the bigger picture. If an index gains 100 points overall during the day, most people will trade that movement, but some will try to get every little blip. So instead of a 100 points worth of profit, you end up with lots of little losses!

3. Catching a falling knife

Or squashing a spouting geyser!

Both are as bad as each other.

2.Selling your profits and letting your losses run

There is something instinctive which makes us bank a profit early. A tiny profit which should have been huge. And the same is true of letting a loss run. If you time your trades, there will be a distinct difference in the length of time you hold a profitable or losing trade.

1. Over trading

Making hundreds of tiny desperate trades instead of a few cool, calm and calculated ones.

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