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Friday, 24 February 2012

Baby Proof Your Home!!

If you have one of these for the first time then the chances are that you have not looked around your home from knee height in a while. If you have a particularly mobile one, then they can move at a surprisingly fast rate.

Once one of these starts to move around, then it is only a matter of days before they have mastered the shuffle, the super-crawl and the turbo-toddle.

Sometimes, some parents may have had quite a docile one already and so they have had a relatively easy time. But the next one which comes is a real surprise.

If you turn around even for a second, then they are off. The main objective is to have a taste of all those tempting objects which have only been observed until now from an infuriatingly safe distance!

If it can be picked up, it can be tasted.
If you can do it undisturbed, try to isolate your little explorer in one room and make that room as safe as possible.

Baby Proof!

The best way to do this is to install a baby gate before they start to crawl around and keep it closed.
  • Examine the room at ankle height and cover up any exposed sockets with blank plugs so that wet fingers can not investigate them.
  • Remove all fragile ornaments and all things with small parts.
  • Look at things which might be head height when your little terranaut stands up. When the attention is diverted, it is always really easy to walk in to things.
  • Look for low tables with table cloths which could be pulled off easily. Remove them completely if possible.
  • Put baby covers on all furniture with sharp corners.
  • Anything that can possibly be climbed will be climbed, given time. Remove all fragile ornaments from higher shelves, especially if these look particularly tasty!
  • If possible get rid of all loose flexes or fasten them down in some way so that they can not be pulled out and tasted.
It only takes a few weeks for them to be sitting there, innocently gurgling at you to running rings around you. Don't be deceived. It might look like they are gurgling directly at you, but in reality, they are looking right past your left ear at a ceramic ornament on the shelf and wondering what it tastes like!

Be prepared


  1. This is great information to keep home safe for kids

  2. Thank you, glad you found it useful!


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