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Monday, 12 March 2012

Just Decide to Drive Within the Law

It is really easy to just make a decision to drive within the law.
So, keep within the driving limit,
follow 'Give Way' and 'Stop' signs, and other street signs
Park where you are supposed to and don't park where you are not supposed to.
Don't use your mobile,
etc., etc., etc.

Just decide it and Just do it.

We are not city planners, sometimes we can't see why there is a low speed limit in an open area, but it may be that area has a history of accidents or a blind corner.

We all slip into bad habits when driving, so just to decide to keep within the law can be very difficult for some people. But just making that decision and then sticking to it can free up a certain part of your brain which becomes tense.
It is like you feel a tiny element of release when you are not constantly looking for ways to cut people up or inch in front of the person in front.

Just do it and feel free.

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  1. Its not at all difficult to drive sanely within speed limits. In fact it should become a habit not to drive rashly.

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