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Saturday, 22 January 2011

How to Survive Being the Most Common Visitor

If you are writing a blog and have installed something like 'Feedjit' in your sidebar, then this is great! You can see people who visit your site. You can have the absolute thrill of seeing it say: A visitor from West Palm Beach, Florida arrived from and viewed "How to Survive" 5 seconds ago.
Which means that they are here, now! actually viewing your blog!! (Yikes!)

But what, do you do when it says for day after day: A visitor from Didcot arrived?
Now you know that there are not actually that many people in Didcot who could make a conscious decision each day to search for a blog about everday life and how to survive it. 29 people do not wake up in the morning and say, "Oh No! only 2 eggs for breakfast! But there are 3 of us, what shall I do?? I know, I'll search the internet and look for a blog about it!"

This is not really happening. It is you isn't it? You are visiting your own blog everyday to see who else has been here aren't you?

So, how do you survive this?
*You could remove the Feedjit sidebar - But it is so much fun and you can click on it to see a little map of the visitors and everything.

*You could remove your own visits from it, Feedjit lets you do that - But that is only for the stats, your visits still get displayed in the sidebar.

*You could visit less, or advertise more so that more visitors come to see your blog.

*Or you could just live with it. When change happens, then embrace it, but for now: accept it and put up some cute pictures of kittens:

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  1. Hi, glad to have found your blog. This is the second blog today I have come across with great a title - how to survive - simple put effective. I have learned to live with Feedjit as I love the way it displays the stats and it makes my blog come alive! Regarding the 20mph speed limit - another post. I find it difficult - I just try to drive within it and look out for those who decide to walk between cars! Have a great day. Nina.


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